The Worlds of Flip Flappers

This is just going to be a short post on who I think is associated with each Pure Illusion in Flip Flappers.

It’s worth noting before I get to each world that I hold the belief Cocona is someone who can influence the PIs she goes to in a way that isn’t completely limited the perspective they’re representing. She’s similar to Mimi in this fashion as we see in the final episode where despite Mimi preventing transformations, Cocona and Papika are still able to transform thanks to what I assume is Cocona’s power as Mimi’s daughter. This is more relevant for some episodes than others.

Also please go read Bobduh’s post on this because he will extrapolate far more than me (for the first 3 episodes at least).

Episode 1 – Cocona

Whilst the aesthetics and feeling of the world bear a similarity to Cocona, we also know this is the world where both her and Papika were trapped during their time in PI as well as it being featured in her dream during episode 1.


Episode 2 – Uexkull

He’s a rabbit. They’re rabbits.

Screenshot (89).png

Episode 3 – Sayuri

The link is pretty obvious both in terms of the Mad Max feel and the Sailor Moon transformations.


Episode 5 – Yayaka

Emily does a far better job explaining this than I ever could so go read her article.


Episode 6 – Iroha

Doesn’t need any explaining


Episode 7 – Papika (Cocona)

This is where I’m going to go out on a limb and probably get people to disagree venehmently with me but I have, what I feel are at least, some half decent reasons for feeling this way. Firstly we lack the proper context for this episode since we see it purely from the lost Cocona’s perspective but here are some of the assumptions I’ve made:

  • The reason I’m adding Cocona in brackets here is that until she has fully explored her own thoughts and feelings she’s either not in the same version of this PI as the others, or at the very least can’t interact with them
  • Cocona can summon versions of Papika because it’s Papika’s world (and she’s who’s on her mind)
  • Papika at this point has very few memories or associations with anything due to her losing her memories in PI and being confined to Flip Flappers HQ (I assume); her only real memories will be of Flip Flappers, the school and the town that she’s explored.
    • Obviously this doesn’t explain the exploring Cocona is able to do but in many ways I’d like to say that’s Cocona placing her expectations on this PI and this is her version of Papika’s PI (a bit of a copout I know)
  • It seems like things happen in this world without an association with Cocona – Yayaka et. al. are able to get an amorphous without Cocona ever being involved. If it was Cocona’s world I feel she would be deeply involved in its aquisition.
  • Where they land after they exit PI is a spot associated with Papikana and where she starts to regain her memories (which would make some sense if the amorphous in her PI was just removed) as well as repeating the flower crown – there is the possibility salt made them land there but I’m unsure on that

Screenshot (93).png

Episode 8 – Hidaka

Tiny Scientist. Brain City. It’s pretty pervy as well.


Episode 9 – Yuyu/Toto

Although it is Yayaka in the room we can clearly see the changing room associated with proto-KKK organisation at the start of this episode. This also makes sense because the only home that the Amorphous children know (as far as we’re aware) is the underground base of the organisation they belong to.

I’d like to add that it wouldn’t surprise me that Yayaka being able to influence this PI is because both her impedence with the twins is strong (another point for episode 7 with Cocona and Papika) but also that the way she is able to survive in PI in the first place is through modification by the proto-KKK, the same organisation that has modified the twins to be able to go as well.


Anyways that’s a round up of my thoughts, feel free to disagree or agree as you see fit.


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